Karnos Chronicles

  1. Shadow Born
  2. Skull in Shadow
  3. Shadow’s Test
  4. Shadow’s Trial

Next book in the series:

5. Streets of Shadow

Series overview:

Earth, early 23rd century. A world in ruins following a savage Third World War and a demon invasion. From the last strongholds of free humanity, expeditions were launched through newly developed portals to find a new world, and safety, while demons battered at the gates. The expeditionary forces found a world called Karnos. A world of elves and dwarves, ogres and goblins, dragons and other creatures. A world where magic, not high technology, ruled. A world in recovery from a demon invasion of its own, with lands available for the taking.

Karnos, ten thousand years later. Human kingdoms share the world with the elves, dwarves and other races. Humans have embraced magic and lost or forgotten much of their ancient technology. Into this world a child is born. A boy with powerful magic and a destiny spoken of in prophecy. But will he save the world or doom it?

The Karnos Chronicles series is an epic fantasy tale with dark fantasy and science fantasy elements, which will span multiple generations.