Karnos Maps – Kasara

In the hot desert realms of Kasara, peace is only ever uneasy at best. The rapacious human empire of Vordagash is constantly eyeing the smaller sultanates for weaknesses it can exploit, while the sultans of the smaller nations plot against each other and must be ever watchful for the ambitions of power-hungry subordinates. Nomadic humans, goblins, ogres and more roam the Blazing Sands. Pirates are a constant menace at sea. Island-dwelling goblins and dark elves launch slave raids against the mainland realms. Giants rule the north of the continent and the undead rule the far south, repelling any incursion into their territory with extreme prejudice. Long-empty demon citadels and ruins of the vanished shades add to the danger, promising ancient treasures but guarded by fiendish traps.