Karnos Chronicles #1 – Shadow Born

Zarynn always knew he and his parents were different.  In public they professed to worship the Dark King of Hell, like all of their nomadic clan, and obeyed the orders of His Druids.  But in secret, they prayed to one of the Gods of Light.

Zarynn’s world changed in his eighth summer, when a Druid on circuit visited his clan’s camp and caught his parents at their forbidden worship.  The men of the clan, stirred up by the Druid, took up their spears and slew his parents.  And the magic Zarynn had never known he had within him erupted for the first time, striking down the killers.  Magic that marked him as abomination in the eyes of the Druids.

Zarynn should have died the next day, stoned to death by the men of the clan, as the Druids mandated for abominations.  But instead he was rescued by a stranger from far away with magic of his own.  Glaraz looked different and spoke differently from any man Zarynn had ever met. He called himself a necromancer, a master of death and the dead, and he insisted that he had crossed the sea to find and save Zarynn, to take him back to his own home, where he could learn to control his magic at a place called the Black Skull School.

Now Zarynn and his rescuer just need to survive the journey.

Shadow Born, book 1 of the Karnos Chronicles, is available on Amazon.