Karnos Maps – Bliria

The continent of Bliria was once the birthplace of the ancient shades and the heart of their empire. Later, a patchwork of human and goblin kingdoms made war for control of Bliria until they were all swept away. In the modern era the continent is home to the nomadic Twelve Tribes of the People and the demon-worshipping Druids of Kelnaaros who rule over them from their fortress Hellgate Keep on the north shore of the Black Lake. A handful of ancient demon citadels, shade ruins and human ruins still remain, long abandoned by their masters but full of traps and treasures. In the far south, three independent tribes – the Jaguar, Leopard and Panther – still hold out against tyranny. A mystical barrier created by dragon and elf magic and maintained by an international blockade surrounds the entire continent of Bliria, preventing its hordes from bursting out to attack other lands.